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A mindset of Abundance

I love to use the ocean as a metaphor for how much wonder and possibility is in our world. We are spoilt by the beauty of nature, yet if we are caught in feelings of lack, we disconnect from the truth of an abundant and magical world.

It’s easy to believe that the world is a scare place. We live in competitive culture, watching the success of others can make us feel that they’re encroaching on our piece of the very limited pie.

This is especially true if you’ve grown up in an environment of struggle. If you saw the adults you relied upon constantly worry about not having enough, that can become the mindset you adopt in your life.

The problem with this mindset, is not just that it creates stress and anxiety, but that it is untrue.

We live in an abundant world. It’s not the resources that are limited, it is our thinking. When we feel lack, what we are lacking becomes our focus. It drains our energy and blocks our ability to feel gratitude and joy for what we have in the moment. Feelings of gratitude, joy and love are the ones that raise your vibration higher. They align your energy with the abundance you wish to attract.

When you think about money, it’s not a limited resource. It is constantly in circulation, always moving, always flowing. Money doesn’t have a personal bias or dislike for you, so there is no reason it won’t flow in your direction. But when you’re fearful of it or feeling like you aren’t worthy of it, you start to block it from your life.

It can take time to shift our deeply embedded, subconscious beliefs about scarcity. Firstly, you have to figure out what your beliefs are. That there isn’t enough? That you aren’t worthy of abundance? That you won’t know how to keep good things when you get them? Perhaps you fear having a lot of money, because you were raised to believe only greedy, unethical people have a lot.

Whatever your limiting beliefs are about abundance, once you become aware of them, you can start to rewrite the story. When a thought of lack pops into your mind, replace it with a feeling of gratitude for what you have. When you have to pay a large electricity bill, be thankful you have a warm home to live in and the ability to pay the bill.

These small shifts in thinking will accumulate. You will be making progress towards an abundant, limitless mindset.

You can have an abundance of love, health, money and success. It’s all about how you shift your thinking and emotions to align with the beautiful things you desire.