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The present moment

In any given moment, we are so blessed by the life flowing through us. Yet this is something we easily forget.

How can we stop and appreciate the moment when there are endless pressures and things to get done?  For most of us our natural state is low rate stress. Our mind constantly jumping from past regrets, to future worries.

When you dwell on events from the past that you wish you could change, you have a persistent feeling of sadness, guilt, or shame. If only you had handled that situation better, not procrastinated on that task, used your time more effectively, or not said those cruel words to a loved one. When these wishes to change your past are constantly running though your mind, you lose your power in the present.

We all have things we’d love to go back in time to change, but there is no magic wand to erase our regrets. And dwelling on them just causes us to keep reliving the painful experience.

The only way to benefit from past mistakes is to make amends where necessary, learn the lessons and move on with self-compassion.

The other place our mind likes to obsess, is the future. How vivid our imagination can be when we are pondering all the potential disasters that could arise. Worrying about things that will likely never happen takes all the joy out of our experience of the present.

We’re designed to protect ourselves and be prepared for external factors that threaten our safety. But unwarranted stress over things that haven’t occurred, doesn’t support our growth or lead to happiness and fulfillment. It drains our energy for the present moment and distracts our focus from impacting the ‘now’ to create a better future.

What we do in the present, forms our future. There is huge power in setting goals and visualising outcomes. So, when you spend time contemplating what lies ahead, make sure it’s a picture of your ideal life. Of all the outcomes and experiences you want to enjoy – not the things you fear.

We get more of what we focus on, use this to your advantage and focus on what you want.

Of course, living a life means the odd curve ball, so just keep affirming within yourself that you can handle whatever comes your way. You are capable, confident and any lesson the universe decides you need to learn, you can take it on. And, even better, you can improve because of it.

Start to notice how much energy you are giving away to your past and future each day and consider how that energy could be used to enjoy the present moment. Notice the things that are going right, and what you are grateful for.

How you choose to honour your life in the present moment is up to you. You could meditate, be in nature, journal, pray, perform an act of kindness, laugh, dance, cry (happy tears!). Whatever it is, take the time to feel your connection to the moment, because the days rush by and if you don’t stop to appreciate your life, you might miss out on how great it is.