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When inspiration strikes you.

Sometimes we overthink the things that inspire us. We judge whether something we simply enjoy doing is a good investment of our valuable time. In a world that is obsessed with outcomes and productivity, it can seem like a crazy indulgence to follow whatever little wonders call your heart.

But have you ever considered why you’re inspired by certain things? I think inspiration is a guide. Leading you towards a deeper understanding of yourself and finding the joy of being here. That’s why it’s unique to all of us.

We were all born with unique gifts, even if the process of becoming an adult has silenced them, we still have the desire to share our gifts with the world and follow our passion. When we deny ourselves this, we live in a constant state of tension and dissatisfaction.

The good news is you don’t have to turn your life upside down to start following what inspires you. You just need to allow it to be a priority and schedule time for it. Don’t see it as an indulgence, see it as a necessity. A ‘must do’ for your happiness and fulfillment.

Love art? Go to that gallery you’ve been thinking about for months. Love to write? Schedule your writing time in the calendar. Obsessed with flowers? Take a floristry course. Need time in nature to feel sane? Make sure you spend time surrounded by the beauty of our world.

If you’re struggling to find inspiration because you’ve switched it off for so long, consider what you loved to do as a child, what you wanted to be when you grew up, and how you would spend your days if you had all the money you’d ever need?

Sometimes a change of scene can spark so much new energy in your day, so try a new café or different route on your walk. You never know what guidance you might find along these new paths.

Or just keep trying new things. The worst outcome is that you don’t enjoy it, so you don’t do it again. But if someone suggests you join them in taking a new class or going somewhere new, give it a go. Our lives should be about variety and excitement, we don’t have to pigeonhole ourselves into the routine we have carved out.

I love meeting someone and finding out they have a out-there hobby, something you wouldn’t expect from them, like bee keeping or rock climbing.

There are so many creative outlets and experiences to enjoy in this world, I see following our unique inspiration as one of the greatest privileges of being here. It should be fun and joyful to do things simply because you love doing them. It’s at those times we are truly in flow and connected to the present moment.

So next time inspiration strikes you, don’t judge it or ignore it. Don’t question it, just follow it with an open heart, because it’s leading you somewhere that is meant just for you.